Academic Proofreading – What I Offer

I primarily proofread all kinds of academic writing, from undergraduate essays all the way through to PhD theses and journal papers intended for publication.

I am also experienced in proofreading corporate reports and brochures.

Last but by no means least, I am available to copy-edit fiction and non-fiction books.

My work involves correcting all spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, and making suggestions where clauses, sentences and paragraphs lack logic or could read more smoothly. I also comment on the structure, layout, and formatting of work, offering expert advice on how to properly present both academic and creative work.

A rough guide to pricing is set out on my ‘Academic Proofreading – Prices’ page.  Corporate and creative work is broadly similar – get in touch for a quote.

I am proud to have received so many positive recommendations from past (and ongoing) clients, which are also visible on this website.

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