Academic Proofreading – Prices

An outline of the fees I request and the turnaround times I work to is set out below. Actual quotes are given based on my estimate of the nature of the work required based on reading a sample of your text, and the prices below are intended as an indication of basic work at quiet times of year (in cases where a light proofread is all that is required). My minimum charge for short pieces is £10.

  • Essay (approx 2,000 words long) – from £22.  Turnaround time is usually 1 working day.
  • Dissertation or Journal Article (approx 10,000 words long) – from £110.  Turnaround time is usually 2 to 3 working days.
  • Thesis or Book (from approx 50,000 words long) – from £500.  Turnaround time is usually around 7 to 10 working days (which can be staggered if the thesis is still being finalised and becomes ready for proofreading chapter by chapter).

Please email with enquiries and to request an exact quote, mentioning your word count, subject and deadline, and attaching a sample document of your text if possible.

Usually, all work requires advance booking because my diary is quite full. The more advance notice I have, the more likely it is that I can take your booking. Please note that at busier times of year such as April/May and August/September demand is usually high, so bookings need to be made well in advance and may cost a little more than the rates listed here. At quieter times of year I can sometimes work to shorter turnaround times (something which would be reflected in the fee), subject to other bookings.

Exact prices are quoted on a case by case basis, and depend on the amount of restructuring of sentences and other changes required throughout the document, e.g., if word order is a problem or heavy changes are needed then additional time (and therefore cost) will be required to do the work.

Remember that anyone quoting significantly less than the guide prices above may not do as thorough a job (perhaps, for example, just correcting the spelling and sending the work back to you), because full proofreading by its nature requires time and plenty of close attention if it is to be done well and 100% accurately. My competitive prices reflect the time required to thoroughly proofread a piece of academic work so that it flows well in appropriate academic English, and to offer feedback/comments too.

I offer a friendly, personal service, and am available via e-mail both while working on your text, and after it has been returned to you, so if you have any questions on the edits and comments I have produced, I will be happy to discuss and explain further.

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