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37 responses to “Recommendations

  1. Collin has made an exceptional job on our edited volume that featured a lot of non-native speakers – he was 100% professional, worked on the text beyond proofreading and co-editing – carefully thinking/working on both the argument and the prose, being precise and paying attention to the minutest of details. I can only but recommend Collin in strongest possible terms.

  2. Colin proofed a number of chapters for us for an edited collection, and did so with extraordinary attention to detail, extreme rigour and also great intellectual generosity – and did all of the above working to a tight deadline and at a very fair price.

    Colin isn’t only a great proofreader but a kind of co-editor who has the sensibility to engage with the work on a number of levels: he has a sense of what’s appropriate, of what’s most elegant, of better solutions to make the work shine. The kind of care, pride and professionalism he puts into the text is a rare thing indeed, and I have recommended him already, will do again and look forward to working with him myself in the future.

  3. Colin did an amazing job proofreading my PhD progress report and other academic papers, and I can’t recommend his services highly enough. He really improved my text and I always learn a lot from his corrections. He does so without changing your writing style, which I think is great. He is always on time or ahead of time and I hope to count on his support for future assignments and for my PhD thesis.

  4. Collin was recommended to me by university librarians as a specialist in BSc, MSc and PhD proofreading. I had high requirements, as I aimed for distinction for my MSc + English is my second language. Honestly, I was amazed by Collin’s ability to embellish so perfectly what I have written without changing the sense and the meaning of the text (I was worried about it having a very specific construction-related topic). I have received my 79% for the dissertation, thank you, Collin, for your support and professionalism in achieving an outstanding result in a very tight timeframe.

  5. I highly recommend Colin. His work is just EXCELLENT!! I have been working with him for two years now, and he has never failed me. I will definitely continue using his services now and in the future! His work really improves any piece of writing because he checks grammar and spelling mistakes but he also helps a lot with text flow. Moreover, he manages well to work with tight schedules without losing professionality or quality. Apart from doing a terrific job, he is also a really nice person to work with. Thus, I really recommend using his services for any kind of texts: essays, dissertations, thesis, book chapters, job applications…I am sure that this is not a bias opinion as I have more colleagues working with him that are equally amazed and happy. Overall, Colin is an excellent professional who will really make a difference and improve any of your writing work.

  6. Colin proofread my PhD thesis. He did all the work very quickly and he was event ahead of time. He checked very carefully not only typos and form, but also the flow and consistency.
    I’ll ask for his help again for any future academic piece I’ll need to publish for sure!

  7. Colin was quite professional, flexible and helpful during the proofreading of my dissertation. He was ready to work with tight deadlines, and I am satisfied and happy with his work. I highly recommend Colin!

  8. Colin is very professional, reliable, and has attention to detail, be it structure, grammar, or spelling. He has checked my essays for several years, which has given me great confidence when submitting work, as I know that at least my spelling and grammar is faultless. Hi is also very accommodating, even at short notice, and punctual. During the past years, Colin’s support has been invaluable for my studies and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a proof-reader.

  9. Katalin Cseh-Varga

    I started working with Colin on my book but since then handed over project applications, longer and shorter essays to him. He is reliable, replies super fast to any inquiries and is extremely flexible with scheduling. Colin has a sharp eye to spot typical spelling, style and grammar mistakes, but is not exclusively focused on them – he also looks at the text as a whole. I have been very satisfied with his services and the supportive, kind approach so far.

  10. Colin did an amazing job in proofing my Masters dissertation as well as other important documents.He is always on time (most of the times even faster than the agreed date) and extremely reliable. Further, he shows concern for the content: besides checking the vocabulary and grammar, he also questions sentences/arguments that seem unclear, always adding a suggestion. Without a doubt I highly recommend him and his work. 🙂

  11. I highly recommend Colin’s proofreading and copy editing services. Colin’ skills and attention to detail greatly improved the quality and clarity of my thesis in social sciences. I especially benefited from his suggestions about smoother transitions between various sections of my thesis. He is also exceptionally skilful in making the writing more concise, clear and economical. My thesis was interdisciplinary, combining various theories and evidence. Colin was able to grasp and follow the key arguments of my thesis to let the discussions flow nicely for a general and academic audience.
    Colin is approachable and collaborative which makes it more comforting to work with him under tight deadlines and short notice schedules. Thank you!

  12. Excellent work and so accommodating, I couldn’t recommend anyone more!

  13. Elisabeth Meyer-Landrut

    I was very happy with Colins work, the process was always verry speedy, easy and very reliable.

  14. Colin is a very thorough and efficient proofreader. He is professional, easy to communicate with and always replies promptly. His comments are clear, helpful and self-explanatory (if they aren’t, Colin is happy to explain them). He not only checks grammar and spelling but also closely follows the argument. He highlights points that are unclear and provides suggestions how to clarify them. The quality of my thesis has significantly improved thanks to Colin’s proofreading work. I would highly recommend him.

  15. Pat Lang April 2017
    I found Colin to be very helpful, professional and efficient. He spots errors that the writer who is very close to the work can miss. The work that he provides is well worth the reasonable price he charges.

  16. Ammar Albalushi

    I used Colin to proof-read various chapters of my doctoral thesis and I’m incredibly impressed with the efficiency and quality of the service provided. He is very professional and nice, and I’ve learned a lot from his suggestions. I would highly recommend him.

  17. Colin has recently done proofreading for my Ph.D thesis in Constitutional law. He has been very cooperative and flexible during this period and his response time was amazingly quick. I am really happy with the work he has done and would recommend you to get your academic writing proofed by him.

  18. I am extremely happy with Colin. He has been proof reading my PhD work in international criminal law for almost a year and I have to say I could not have had a better proofreader. Throughout this time, he has been extremely efficient and careful with my work. His comments and amendments made my work clearer and fluid. My thesis really looks much better after all the corrections and he is not charging as much as other proofreaders plus he offers better quality.

  19. I was very satisfied with the quality of Colin’s work and his his attention to details. Colin proofread my bachelor dissertation. As an international student, I was glad to read his interpretation of my words, which was later presented in a more clear way. I even got back my paper earlier than we agreed on, which was a very pleasant surprise. I was very happy with the overall result.

  20. I was introduced to Colin by a colleague who had used his proofreading services for a doctoral thesis Thank goodness I found someone I could trust to help particularly with grammar and sentence construction for my own thesis. The cost of the service is very reasonable and worth every penny for the service which always meets and sometimes is earlier that the dates we have agreed. Would recommend Colin to others (and I have!)

  21. I’ve been dealing with Colin for 6 years till now as an excellent proofreader who have strong language ability. He proofed a huge materials like MA thesis,.assignment, conference paper ect. Reasonable price and quick time that he confirm it with me before starting any documents.

  22. I have been using Colin’s services for about a year to help me with my academic work on a doctoral level course. This includes essays, reports, dissertations and many others. It did not matter what type of work it was I always received a quick and excellent service. The turn around is very quick and many times even before the set date. Colin was always able to adapt my dates if any changes occurred. I cannot imagine not having Colin there proofreading my work for the rest of my doctoral program. Not only do I get help with grammar and spelling but Colin also offers comments on where he thinks I am not being clear enough in my work. Also Colin’s pricing is very good given that not only has he to deal with my grammar/spelling but also with English being my second language and me being dyslexic which can take longer to correct. I could not recommend his service highly enough. Thank you Colin for all your help!

  23. Colin was a great help with copy editing and proofing an academic paper. His suggestions and insights were helpful in aiding the coherence of the piece. He was a pleasure to work with as he was easy to communicate with, super quick turnaround on the paper and very fair pricing. Could not recommend his services highly enough.

  24. Thank you very much Colin for proofreading my thesis. Your work was great and very helpful. Wishing you all the best.

  25. Colin was a great help in editing and proofing my PhD thesis. With tight deadlines and too many words he managed to help me create a polished product that passed with NO corrections. His suggestions were fantastic and his turn around time spot on, but most importantly of course his prices were very fair – Thanks Colin.

  26. I am doing my MSc in Economics, Finance and Accounting at University of Bristol and the topic of my master thesis was Corporate Recovery Strategies. Colin corrected my 15000 words work within not even 3 days. The corrections were very useful and it was possible to accept them by just clicking on them in case I agreed with his recommendations. He even made sometimes recommendations that went beyond correcting sentences for grammar and mispelling. I d like to thank him for that and also recommend him.

  27. I am currently a student in my final year towards an Honours Degree in Art History at Glasgow University. My academic life has been a constant play in words, and although I have always been confident about my thoughts, I have always felt insecure about technical issues of language as English is not my mother tongue. Colin has helped me overcome this obstacle not once but twice, and the result has been one of perfection! Not only my writing was cleaner and more professional after his proofreading, but Colin read my ideas with interest and helped me develop them further through his comments and suggestions. I highly recommend him!

  28. Colin has been prof-reading my work since last year through my PhD project. Honestly, I agree with all the nicest things that have been said above about Colins’ work, including time management, accuracy, reasonable fee, and feedback. I recommended his work to all my PG friends.

  29. I am a Master student in Education in Glasgow. When I started my studies I was worried about mistakes in my assignments because English is not my native language. I feel more confident after meeting Colin. My assignments are always corrected by him. He is always on time (even if I am not) and he does an excellent job. My grades are extremely good and I strongly believe that Colin has contributed to this. He gives to my papers a higher and more academic level university requires and I learn in the same time.

  30. Piyumi Ranasinghe

    Colin has been proof reading my work the last couple of months. He has done a really good job of it and has made the overall tone of writing very professional. Colin is very quick in sending back the work, with not only the corrections for the written English, but few suggestions within the content and is pleasant to work with. Have already recommended him to other PhD students in my department. Thanks Colin. Keep up the good work.

  31. As my tutor’s recommendation, I choose Colin as my proofreader. Surprisingly, he did a quite well work for me. I have already recommend him to all the friends and their respond are also well.

  32. Colin proofread my anthropology dissertation, I was worried about the word limit but through his changes he made it much more concise. I will recommend him to all those on my course and was very pleased with the high standard that he produced.

  33. I can’t recommend this service highly enough. Not only did Colin help with the formatting and proofing, he also contributed to increase clarity in my dissertation, with several fantastic turns of phrase that significantly cleared up my writing and presentation.

    A very quick turnaround and an incredible service. Thoroughly recommended!

  34. Magdalena Markowska

    If you need professional but reasonably priced proofing delivered in a very respectful and timely manner, then I highly recommend Colin. Colin proofed my doctoral thesis – close to 100000 words, throught the process the communication was very efficient and smooth, he was able to work around my schedule and the outcome was great. I will definitely use his services in the future!

  35. Excellent work. He offers a good price and great service.

  36. My thesis was proofed by Colin. He did a great job and a nice guy. Thank you so much for your time.

  37. Colin was great in proofing my thesis, I had tight deadlines which had to be changed but he managed proof everything and return it to me before the deadlines. Also it didnt break the bank and the corrections/suggestions made by Coin were spot on.

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